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The restaurant's name “Tenoshima” came from the island “Teshima” located in the Seto Inland Sea. 


Owner Ryohei visited Teshima every summer during his childhood as his father was born there. With a population of 700 to 800 people at its peak after the war, the number of the current local residents stands at 23, the average age being over 80 years old.


Madame Sari lived in Finland for eight years. Her experience in the Nordic country taught her that real luxurious time doesn’t exist in the city but in nature, which isn’t a part of one’s daily life.  


The unchanged landscape from ancient times still remains in the Seto Inland Sea, which induces nostalgia when one visits this hidden marine sanctuary. Teshima is a place one can deeply relax and ease oneself because of no outside influence of the modern world. There one will find tranquility.  


We would like to not only tell Japanese living outside the island but also foreign visitors to Japan how truly attractive and charming Teshima is.


The Tenoshima Restaurant Project has just started with the aim of revitalizing Teshima. It is time to set sail.



Hayashi Ryohei

Born in Marugame, Kagawa prefecture in 1976 and raised in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture.
After graduating from Ritsumeikan University, he started to work in Kikunoi.
In 2011 Shanghai World Expo Japanese restaurant Murasaki head chef, Kikunoi vice chef.
In 2015 chef in Kikunoi restaurant in Tokyo.

Ryohei worked with Mr. Yoshihiro Murata who has 7 Michelin stars for 17 years. He was responsible for developing Singapore Airline in-flight menu, JR West "MIZUKAZE" in-train menu. He cooked at the international conference and prime minister's oficial dinner. And he worked  for events of Japanese cuisine in more than 17 countries. He worked hard with Kyoto Prefecture to create a system for foreigners who want to learn Japanese cuisine.
A Japanese chef Academy regular member and Chefs for the blue member.

Received one Michelin star annually since 2019.

General Manager

Hayashi Sari

Born in Tokyo in 1978 and raised in Kyoto. Studied in "JIYU Gakuen" in Tokyo. She moved to Finland in 2007 and got interested in Japanese cuisine. She studied in Helsinki Culinary School Perho and worked in several famous restaurants in Helsinki, Kyoto and Tokyo. She had own pop-up restaurant 2014 to 2015 in Finland. After returning to Japan in 2015, she had pop-up events at Japan and abroad.

We also offer restaurant / cafe consulting, event organize and recipe development. Please do not hesitate to contact us



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